15 February 2016


First time buyers

The change is designed to help FTB, by adding additional costs to the purchase for investors and 2ndhome buyers. At a purchase price of £90,000 an investor will have to pay £2700 SDLT whereas a FTB nothing


The change is designed to hurt small investors most. This is where it starts to get confusing as the plans (the review to the law has only just been completed and no details  yet) state that is you own more than 15 properties you are EXEMPT.

Second Home buyers

If you really are a 2nd home buyer and not an investor (or accidental landlord who is renting out their own home and buying another) then it could be slightly easier (see the previous comments about the review) as the plan is that you will have 18 months to seel your home to CLAIM the SDLT back, meaning you still have to pay it, but could claim the money back.

Selling your home and buying another

No planned changes and no affect. Even though you own your home when you make an offer, your name will not be on 2 houses at the same time so no additional STLT to pay

As mentioned, with the review only just finished, there could be changes to the planned SDLT rise, including of course scrapping the plan. However, if you plan to buy a 2nd home then it maybe wise to do this sooner rather than later!