High Street Agent Commended

17 December 2015

We have seen some interesting testimonials in our time – but this feedback genuinely looks more interesting than most.

It is from a purchaser, moving into a property where the chain was handled by high street agent Charters, of Winchester, Hampshire.

The purchaser had sold their own previous home through an online agent.

The email, reproduced below, only excludes the address detail and the names of the home mover and the negotiator to whom it was sent.

We should also say that the home mover has given their explicit permission for the email to be published.


I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to take a moment to send over some feedback on our imminent house move.

May I start by saying that your assistance has been invaluable.

What a stressful time the whole moving process is and I think without you providing a vital link to the whole chain above us, I would quite literally have lost my marbles.

You were tenacious, patient, polite, proactive, and that meant that a natural organiser (that I confess I am) was able to concentrate on pushing the chain below us – having faith you would keep everyone above us moving.

You dealt very well with a potentially delicate situation of the ‘older’ lady at the top of the chain moving out of her (I presume) home of many years.

Talking to you, I felt confident that you had her interests at heart but were also moving her along the journey as swiftly as possible.

I must confess that we sold our house through a certain online estate agent and based our decision solely on price.

Having now (almost) been through the full sale process, when we (undoubtedly) move again, I would not make that mistake again.

I know in my heart that if the full chain had been solely with the online agent, we would not be moving any time soon (as they help you sell, then disappear).

That is where Charters (you) make a huge difference, pushing the chain along and keeping everyone focused.

So, I just want to say “thank you”, I really appreciate all you have done to help us get here and I still need to pinch myself that we are moving this Friday; 8 weeks from selling our house, in a chain of five people, great work!

Kind regards