About our use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device by websites you visit. They are used to provide functionality in order to make the website work properly, or to help provide information to the website owners. 

  • We use cookies to make our website easier for you to use
  • We use cookies to help prevent online forms being used to send spam-email
  • We also use cookies to monitor use of our web site, so we can spot trends and make improvements
  • We don’t (and never will) use cookies to identify individuals
  • We don’t store personal information in cookies
  • Information about what cookies are set

We believe that using cookies as outlined above is important for the smooth running of our website and don’t believe that they pose any threat to your personal privacy or online security. Therefore, we recommend you opt-in to our cookies. If you "disable" cookies certain interactive functions of our website may not operate as expected. 

Cookies can’t be programmed, nor can they carry viruses or install malware on the host computer. They can be used to track users browsing activities – it was the privacy concerns associated with this capability which prompted a change to the law.

Cookies are used by most websites for a multiple of reasons. These are often very practical reasons to do with the operation of the website but they are also used to monitor how people use the website (e.g. which pages are visited and how long is spent on each page). Each "visitor session" is tracked even though no effort is made to try to identify the user in person.

New legislation states that you, the web site user, must be able to opt in to having non-essential cookies stored on your computer.  You can opt in or out of non-essential cookies at any time via the Manage Cookies link at the bottom of any page.

The table below explains the cookies used on and their purpose:

Session CookiewiresThis session cookie is used to help us prevent spamming of our online forms. It is deleted when you close your browser.
LanguagelangThis session cookie is  used to help determine the browser's language setting to deliver relevant information in the correct language. It is deleted when you close your browser. 
Google Analytics_ga, _gat, _gid These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our website to help us improve the website. No user-identifiable information is stored. We will not set these cookies unless you opt-in.
Social Sharing_atuvc, _atuvs, loc, uvcThese cookies are used by our social media sharing buttons on certain pages (e.g. on news articles and property detail pages). We will not set these cookies unless you opt-in.  However, if you choose to opt-out, social sharing buttons will not be displayed.

What Happens If You Opt Out?

If you decide to opt out of our non-essential cookies, we record this so that you don't get asked the same question again. Most of the website will still work as expected, however, functions that rely on cookies (such as social sharing icons) are disabled.  The way we remember your cookie preferences has a couple of consequences:

  • If you clear your cookies and site data via the privacy settings of your browser (or otherwise delete them), you will have to tell us your preference again
  • If you use a different device, computer profile or browser you will have to tell us your preference again

You can update your cookie preference at any time by visiting the Manage Cookies link at the bottom of any page.