What are buyers looking for?

26 November 2015

Storage is the number one priority for home buyers

A study of 1,000 UK homeowners by interiors retailer Furniture123.co.uk, revealed that ample storage space was the number one priority – with 26% claiming this is most important to them.
The research, which looked in to the top features homebuyers look for when purchasing a new house, found 1 in 4 wouldn’t buy a house due to its lack of storage space.
Cosmetic appeal such as fitted kitchen and bathrooms that suit the buyers taste was the second most important aspect, with 23% of respondents saying that finding a house that needs little to no cosmetic work at all was the most important to them.
More than 1 in 5 (21%) of those surveyed said that a home with off-road parking such as a driveway or a private garage was the most important aspect, while ample garden or outdoor space was the most important to 16% of homeowners.
14% of homeowners said having a second toilet in the home was their biggest priority.
Mark Kelly, marketing manager at Furniture123.co.uk comments: “Buying a home is the biggest investment an adult will make in their lifetime, so finding something that meets the needs and wants of the buyer is so important. Whether it’s a first time buyer, or a seasoned property developer looking for their next business opportunity, it takes time and lots of patience.
What’s interesting from these findings is the amount of adults who say that a lack of storage space would deter them from buying a house. However, the property market in the UK means that some buyers can’t afford to be so choosy, but also that those selling need to enhance the space they have wherever possible.