Rental Properties & Garden Maintenance

12 August 2019

Rental Properties & Garden Maintenance

When you rent a property you are taking on the responsibility for that property, but many don’t realise that this also includes the gardens. Landlords are able to make a claim against any bond deposit if gardens become overgrown.

In a recent case, a tenant left a garden with overgrown brambles and weeds, but argued that because the landlord had erected scaffolding at the property, they were unable to carry out routine garden maintenance.

The TDS adjudicated that the tenants had ample time to put the garden back into good order after the scaffolding had been removed and prior to the termination of their tenancy, and stated that there was no evidence to support the tenant’s claim that they were unable to gain access to the garden to maintain it.

So, remember to ensure that the gardens are adequately maintained throughout the course of your tenancy to prevent potential claims against your bond deposit.