Cold Weather Boiler Check

5 December 2015

Cold Weather Boiler Check

Freezing weather can bring problems such as frozen pipes and failing boilers, so landlords should check that the boilers in their properties are in good working order ready for the winter chill.

Research from Direct Line for Business shows that claims for broken boilers increased by 37 per cent last year over 2013, and by a colossal 151 per cent when compared to 2012.

Business manager at Direct Line for Business, Jane Guaschi commented: ‘Winter, unsurprisingly, sees a spike in claims for boiler breakdowns, so we hope that landlords have safeguarded their properties against catastrophes over the cold snap.

‘Making sure the boiler is regularly serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer can help avoid any future disruption and can also ensure maximum efficiency of the central heating system. It’s a good idea to schedule the service for the boiler at the same time as the annual mandatory Gas Safety Check (CP12).’

A handy 3 point plan for keeping homes heated this winter is as follows
1) Keep your heating on low: Modern condensing boilers are susceptible to frozen pipes so you should ask your tenants to keep the heating low rather than turn it off completely.

2) Bleed your radiators: If your property isn’t getting as warm as you think it should be, there may be air trapped inside the system. If you still have a problem after doing this, you may need to call in the professionals.

3) Get your boiler serviced: It’s a good idea to get your boiler serviced once a year – especially if it is towards the end of its life-span. Boilers generally last around 12 years, so if they’re getting older it can work out a lot cheaper to service than to replace them.